Erboristeria "Il Tettuccio” Dott. Tommei

Herbalism specialized in the Tettuccio Spa since 1988

Herbs and Beauty at the Spa

Wellness tips and natural therapies

Inside the thermal spring "Il Tettuccio" is "Erboristeria Il Tettuccio" born in 1988 in the

splendid setting of the thermal establishments. It offers a wide range of natural remedies for health and beauty available to the curist, the visitor and any person who wants to approach the world of nature.

We are able to guarantee professional competence and preparation of our working group, together with the knowledge of ancient and traditional formulas, we provide comprehensive information on the latest scientific discoveries in the field of herbs and natural creams.

Seriousness, originality of the products, herbal treatment scheme that have proved to be effective and safe can be purchased directly in our stores or requested from home.

We offer our loyal customers advice and dietary advice combined with natural products for complete purification, lasting weight reduction, mental and physical balance and beauty.

The splendid "Il Tettuccio" spa was founded in Roman times, thanks to the therapeutic virtues of the

waters of Montecatini.

Originally the first to describe the properties of the waters was a treaty of medical hydrology by Ugolino Da

Montecatini. The water gushes inside the beautiful fountains that bring back the Cascella mosaics. The immense park envelops the endless varieties of Mediterranean and non-Mediterranean plants, the endless variety of flowers that you can

alternate and envelop the mind and soul of the host promoting an 'infinite feeling of mental and physical well-being.

Over the years until today the Tettuccio plant has hosted famous people: from the royals to the principles of Saudi Arabia to famous actors, to ordinary people who with intelligence, passion for nature and for the

his own health, every year he decides to come to Montecatini to take care of himself NATURALLY ...... ..

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