CAPILLARIS – cellulite circulation


Synergy of plants for heavy legs, swollen ankles,

circulation, varicose veins, fragile capillaries, cellulitis

CIRC COMPLEX – circulation


Circ Complex

Activates the venous circulation, draining

DIU – diuretic


Fight water retention.
Bottle of 120 500 mg tablets.

LE GAMBE VOLANO – circulation


  A valid help for the  Swelling and for the

  Circulation of your legs

  Le Gambe Volano” Gel Defibrating Legs

200 ml pack.

LIKEN D – osteoporosis



  With Vitamin D3 from lichen and

   Vitamin K2 from chickpea flour

 Based on vitamins D3, K2 of vegetable origin in sunflower oil. With lemon essential oils and orange. LIKEN D is indicated for promoting bone mineralization by promoting the absorption / use of calcium and phosphorus. It is therefore effective in improving osteoporosis associated with postmenopause by improving bone density and reducing the risk of fractures. It also has beneficial effects on contraction and muscle trophism as well as stimulating the immune system.

MAG 4 COMPLEX – Anti-stress


Useful in cases of: cramps and muscle spasms, irritability, anxiety, tiredness and sleep disturbances.

In association with Vitamin B6 and Inositol it also promotes energy production and stress reduction.

Magnesium food supplement from 4 different sources: Carbonate, Marine, Pidolate and Citrate; Inositol and Vitamin B.


SOLLIEVO – cellulite circulation


Plant mix for heavy legs – swollen ankles

circulation – varicose veins – fragile capillaries – cellulitis.




 Fight the Water retention

 Vegetal Complex

Diuretic – Depurative- Anti-inflammatory.