Vitamin B12 is an essential vitamin soluble in water is one fundamental substance to strengthen the system immune.

Curcuma GOLD



– Antioxidant;

– Anti-inflammatory;

– Improved joint function

– Improvement of digestive function

– General of the functionality of the system

– Hepatoprotective and ameliorating hepatic function

– Contrast of the menstrual cycle disorders.

Fito AEROSOL Junior


FitoAEROSOL Junior

– Relieves cold symptoms

– Promotes the smooth flow of mucus

– In the case of allergic rhinitis and sinusitis

Fito SOSTEGNO Junior


Fito SUPPORT Junior

syrup 200ml

For natural support and restorative




Syrup for the natural support for the immune system.

Lactoferrin 200 Immuno – immune defenses

Per Aumentare le Naturali Difese Immunitarie
Lattoferrin 200 Immuno
Una Proteina Naturale con Proprietà Antimicrobiche e Antivirali

LATTOFERRIN 200 -immunitary defense-

A Natural Protein with Antimicrobial and Antiviral Properties



lattoferrin 200 Immuno – Immune Defenses


To Increase Natural Immune Defenses

A Natural Protein with Antimicrobial and Antiviral Properties

LIKEN D – osteoporosis



  With Vitamin D3 from lichen and

   Vitamin K2 from chickpea flour

 Based on vitamins D3, K2 of vegetable origin in sunflower oil. With lemon essential oils and orange. LIKEN D is indicated for promoting bone mineralization by promoting the absorption / use of calcium and phosphorus. It is therefore effective in improving osteoporosis associated with postmenopause by improving bone density and reducing the risk of fractures. It also has beneficial effects on contraction and muscle trophism as well as stimulating the immune system.