argan oil has a ‘high concentration of vitamins, with remarkable antioxidant properties for this is effective in protecting the skin and counteract aging and to combat the blemishes.

How to use: apply the product on the affected area and massage to promote absorption

– face: making a gentle massage with circular movements in the evening, if your skin is particularly dry practice massage also in the morning

– Body : the good habit of anointing the body with oil after a bath or shower, helps to nourish, moisturize and maintain healthy skin.

– Hair : apply the oil on the scalp and the entire hair length. Leave for 30 minutes, or even overnight, then wash with mild shampoo: ridonerai strength and shine to your hair.

– hands and nails : an oil daily use can strengthen nails and soften cuticles.

lips passing few drops of oil on chapped lips.

50 ml


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