Butter Sea Lady Tettuccio – exfoliating


Soft cream butter, in the thre fresh fragrances Lady Tettuccio.

Body scrub to the delicate fragrance of pomegranate.



Butter Lady Tettuccio with very fine microspheres that gently remove the DEATH CELLS giving the skin a radiant and luminous appearance. A precious ally that frees our skin from dead cells and moisturizes it at the same time leaving it pleasantly and long fragrant and soft. Thanks to its moisturizing capacity it can be used in every part of the body.

Thanks to the delicate scrub effect, it removes dead cells and impurities, purifies, smoothes and brightens the skin. Suitable for skin asphyxiated, rough to the touch, opaque and dull. It gives the skin a youthful and fresh look. Apply to the skin, preferably wet, and massage until a delicate exfoliating effect. Rinse with water.

How to use: Use 1-2 times a week.


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