CAPILLARIS – cellulite circulation


Synergy of plants for heavy legs, swollen ankles,

circulation, varicose veins, fragile capillaries, cellulitis



>Improves the swelling and the

       Circulation of your legs

Dietary supplement :

Centella effective in various chronic venous disorders in the imperfections of cellulite, in the problems of varicose veins, heaviness of the lower limbs, swelling. Vasoprotective that helps maintain venous tone by promoting microcirculation and maintaining the right capillary permeability.

Blueberry: contains anthocyanosides that behave from scavengers of free radicals and inhibit platelet aggregation. Contains substances that together make the vessels more stable and elastic protecting their structure, counteracting vascular fragility.

Red vine: acts enhanced by vitamin C, improving it blood flow. indicated for venous-lymphatic insufficiency, capillary fragility, even at the level of the retinal microcirculation.

 Rusco: it is probably the most powerful venous vegetable tonic. Protective vessel (ruscogenin) for the treatment of problems associated with chronic venous insufficiency as pain, sense of heaviness in the legs, cramps, swelling and itching.Also useful in the disorders of the retinal circulation.

How to use: 2 capsules a day.

Match: Gocce Circ 3 pipette in1/2 litro di acqua .

External use: Gel le Gambe Volano+ Crema Piedi Defaticante          



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