Carè Serums for face Caviar and Retinol – firming


Carè Serums for face Caviar and Retinol Light and elasticize.





A formula in fresh and velvety whey based on marine active ingredients of caviar, retinol and collagennatural that allows the skin to regain tone, elasticity and hydration. Ideal for

mature skin. This serum helps to stretch the facial features, illuminates elasticity, gives youth and plasticity to the tissues. A firming treatment, the caviar on the skin enhances the natural contours,  profoundly improving elasticity and tone. Exclusive proteins create a feeling of smoothness

Silk-effect. the skin is firm and relaxed.

How to use: Apply a few drops of serum on the affected areas before the cream and let it penetrate with a light massage.Use for at least 3 months.



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