CELL URTO -Remodeling for the body – cellulite


Remodeling for the body

Cell Bump Remodeling Anti-Cellulite Intensive Cream, Thermal Waters, Escin, Caffeine, Cyclodextrins, Hyaluronic Acid



Daily treatment based on plant extracts with strong anti-cellulite adjuvant power.

The imperfections of cellulite, swelling, orange peel epidermis and relaxed skin tissues they progressively improve thanks to the eutrophic and firming activity of the natural active ingredients of this cream. The result is a firmer and more toned skin and a silhouette with a younger and slimmer appearance.

ESCINA: Improves the peripheral circulation, supplying the cells with nutrients and oxygen epidermis,

CAFFEINE ANIDRA: applied on the skin promotes the mobilization of triglycerides from adipose tissue subcutaneous tissue mediated by lipolytic lipase.

HYALURONIC ACID: Hyaluronic acid is a fundamental component of the dermis.

Thanks to its properties it gives the skin the classic characteristics of elasticity and softness.


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