CIRC COMPLEX – circulation


Circ Complex

Activates the venous circulation, draining



Plant extract Alcohol-free

  Witch hazel: astringent, purifying function and decongestant

Centella: draining action

Achillea: sedative and draining anti-inflammatory action protective action on venous vessels

Horse chestnut: circulation activator

Cypress: constructor of peripheral vessels.

This product is an excellent aid for the disorders of the microcirculation, capillary fragility, varicose veins, swelling in legs and ankles.

Ivy: protective action on venous vessels.

Mallow: detoxifying capillaries

Dosage: 40 or 50 drops twice a day in a little water away from meals

Follow the course of care for at least 3 months

 Combine with: Le Gambe  Volano- Gel Arnica – Integral Bad- Crema Piedi





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