Cranberry F A S T Resolution




Resolution Cranberry F A S T

Shock Action 7 days / 7 nights

It ‘a Food supplement made from cranberry That, producing lactic acid creates an acidic environment, hostile to the production of bacteria Escherichia Coli come, the main cause of cystitis.

It contains an innovative extract of propolis obtained with a Unique Production Process low temperatures and without the use of solvents (SolventfreepropolhON) high flavonoid content.

How to use: Faster action for Cranberry F A S T resolution, compressed WHITE with MAGNESIUM and DELTA-mannose for The Day and compressed with BLUEBERRY PURPLE and Vitamin C for the night, to Take after getting urinated.

Profit is to drink at least 1.5 liters of water a day.


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