Day Silk Hand Cream – emollient


Day Silk Hand Cream

Nourishing Emollient



Quick absorption light cream for daily use. Gives softness and freshness to the hands,creating a protective film of vegetable oils. Gives elasticity to the skin, leaving it soft and velvety.

The substances contained in it repair the damage of external atmospheric agents.

Butter Karite: has emollient and nourishing properties, useful in case of dry and chapped skin; high Unsaponifiable content that helps maintain the skin’s natural elasticity.

Lemon essential oil: has purifying properties on the skin

Olive oil: is rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids including oleic acid (75-80%), linoleic acid, palmitoleic acid,palmitic, stearic, arachidic and myristic.

Grapeseed oil: protects the skin from premature aging, from atmospheric agents and free radicals;

How to use: Apply a small amount of product and spread it evenly over the hands day and night.


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