DrenaSel Active


Food supplement useful for combating water retention and control your weight.

500 ml bottle with measuring cap.

Tastes Tea Peach and Pineapple.




  • CITRUS AURANTIUM: The plant complex in the dry content of Citrus aurantium has a special feature: exhibits activity thermogenetic selective, that only stimulates the beta-3 adrenergic receptors, located predominantly in adipose tissue and liver, which are process owners demolition of fat (lipolysis). Through increased beta-oxidation of fatty dry extract of Citrus it helps to achieve reduction of body weight, but also to improve the ratio of lean body mass and fat mass.
  • BIRCH: The Birch is an effective natural cleansing that helps the body eliminate uric acid, toxins, water retention in tissues, so it is advisable to all to keep or get fit, for the beauty of the skin, to fight cellulite, to help reduce waste, excess fluid and overweight.
  • PILOSELLA: The hawkweed, of which you are using the whole plant flowering, is prized for its antibiotic, anti-inflammatory and especially diuretic, resulting in direct stimulation of the kidneys to remove sodium, chlorine, uric acid and nitrogenous waste.
  • TARASSACO: Very known its diuretic properties so as to be called by name piscialetto in country tradition. In addition to its diuretic properties the dandelion is able to favor the increase of bile and its passage from the liver to, but not only, also has anti-inflammatory properties, purifying, and detoxifying towards the liver. The diuretic and plenty of potassium may help to regulate blood pressure and the amount of body fluids.
  • PINEAPPLE: Pineapple properties and virtues must be especially in the presence of bromelain, an enzyme important and this especially in the stem; its main feature is to make it easy to digest even the most complex proteine.Gli organic acids content nell’ananas instead, thanks to their properties, have a diuretic function can effectively combat water retention; for this reason the pineapple is the fruit most recommended in diets to combat or prevent cellulite.
  • GYMNEMA: it inhibits the absorption of sugars in the intestine; and it stimulates the metabolic transformation of glucose at the cellular level. The capacity of Gymnema to synthesize and to facilitate the disposal of sugars gives also slimming action, promoting weight loss, due to a diet rich in sugars and carbohydrates (sugars complex) like sweets, bread and pasta: Gymnema is therefore a valid specific remedy for the “greedy”.
  • SPIRULINA: Spirulina is particularly rich in protein, essential amino acids and lipids. The fat in it belong to the great family of mono and polyunsaturated and are considered positive nutrients, can normalize cholesterol levels in the blood, participate in the formation of myelin sheaths that cover the nerves and improve immune system function.
  • STEVIA: it can be used as a sweetener to zero calories in the form of fresh leaves or powdered, dehydrated or concentrated liquid extract of aqueous extraction and / or hydroalcoholic. The products of extraction can be used in various food preparations pre-cooked and baked as they are stable at temperatures up to 200 ° C and do not ferment. They have similar applications to artificial sweeteners in low-calorie and are used primarily as sweeteners to improve the taste of foods and drinks do not raise the level of glucose in the blood

For best results combine with

  • to combat cellulite: CAPILLARIS, CIR COMPLEX, DIU, EQUIDIUS


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