Cream for Face Beneskin





Moisturizing and moisturizing face cream for extremely dry and dehydrated skin, reduces skin tension and roughness, making the skin smooth and soft to the touch. Excellent as a base for makeup. Useful in cases of excessive dry skin.

The face cream is based on:

Urea: Moisturizing, emollient and softening, makes the skin soft and smooth. Promoting the restoration of the natural hydration of the skin, urea is especially useful for softening and elasticizing extremely dry and chapped skin.

Bioflavonoids: The primary function is to protect us from free radicals responsible for cell aging. Powerful antioxidants, slow down skin aging.

Collagen: constitutes 75% of human skin and is one of the main factors contributing to the maintenance of a young appearance and healthy skin. Collagen is naturally metabolised by the body, but begins to decline after age 25.

Hyaluronic acid: hyaluronic acid is essential for maintaining the right degree of hydration, turgidity, plasticity and viscosity of the skin.

Vitamin C: Vitamin C is not synthesized by our body, it must therefore be introduced through nutrition and / or integration.

Vitamin E: vitamin E is directly involved in the antioxidant capacity of the skin. Since it stabilizes membrane lipids it is therefore essential for the maintenance of a healthy skin.

Vitamin A: it plays an important role in the conservation of cell membranes (antioxidant function: fights free radicals, counteracts the harmful effects of smoke and pollution), in protein synthesis and in the formation of bones and skeleton.

How to use: Apply morning and evening on clean skin, massaging gently.

MATCH WITH: Beneskin capsules, Enothera Oil, Collagen Spray Water, Collagen Drops and Elastin.



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