Fil Up Anti-wrinkle filler


Fil Up

Anti-wrinkle filler

Regenerating Compactor



It is a targeted, highly specific treatment containing hyaluronic acid,

vitamin A, vitamin E. Pleasant to use, it is quickly absorbed and already from the first application reduces wrinkles and signs of aging.

The microspheres that compose it filter in the epidermis by absorbing, thanks to the hyaluronic acid contained in them, the water that spontaneously evaporates from our body through the skin, filling the furrow of wrinkles; in short, the skin appears smoother and younger.

How to use: after facial cleansing, apply on dry skin, espcially along wrinkles and signs of expression; massage gently, favoring the penetration of the product, then apply the Glycolic smoothing cream for the dayand the Placenta and Collagen cream for the night.


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