FITO “AVB” – pressure

Food supplement – Gluten-Free-Lactose-Free – also for Vegans. 60 Capsules

The product, thanks to the synergistic action of the functional ingredients it contains, is useful for promoting the physiological normalization of blood pressure.


Garlic The greatest benefit that garlic gives us is its ability to fight hypertension! Garlic is an excellent friend of the heart: it makes the blood more fluid, lowers blood pressure.

Mistletoe natural remedy for its vasodilating and hypotensive properties; it is used for the treatment of hypertension and other nervous diseases (arteriosclerosis, epilepsy and hysteria). It has a cardioactive, antispasmodic and diuretic action that is also effective in combating: nephritis and kidney disorders in general because it promotes the excretion of urea.

Hawthorn is the heart plant par excellence, whose properties are mainly due to flavonoids and proanthocyanidols; hawthorn causes a dilation of the blood vessels that affect the heart, thus increasing the flow to it and decreasing blood pressure.

Olivo is known above all for its hypotensive action, that is, capable of lowering blood pressure.

How to use: It is recommended to take 2/3 capsules a day with plenty of water between meals.
Follow the course of treatment for at least 3 months

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