HAPPY AGE – menopause


Menopause disorders, mood swings,

sleep disorders, hot flashes

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Dietary supplement:

Tablet day:

Based on: Soy, Dioscorea, Red Clover, Cimicifuga, Maca, Horsetail, Calcium, Vitamin K2, Vitamin D3 and Vitamin B6.Useful for countering menopausal disorders thanks to the presence of Cimicifuga, Dioscorea and Red Clover; useful to support the bodyin case of physical and mental fatigue due to the presence of Maca;indicated for the physiological maintenance of the bone structure thanks to the presence of calcium and Vitamin K2.

Night tablet:

Based on: Valerian, Soy, Cimicifuga, Chinese Angelica, Calcium and Magnesium has a positive effect on normal functioning of the nervous system thanks to the presence of Magnesium, promotes a physiological effect relaxing due to the presence of Valeriana.

Posology: it is recommended to take one tablet every morning and once tablet night in the evening just before bedtime, with plenty of water.

Combine with:


In case of abdominal swelling, combine with: GOMET – ENZYM –DRENA SEL FORTE



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