MEMOSEL – concetration


Memo Sel

Memory – concentration – cognitive functions.



Food supplement for memory formulated with products of the nature indicated to stimulate the brain, promote its function of storing information, and promote the ability to recover and therefore remember them.

Often states of stress and depression affect the yield of the memory and for this reason the use of plant adaptogens, within these compositions, has a beneficial influence on concentration and on cognitive and mnemonic functions.

· Fresh royal jelly, from the action of physical support

· Acacia honey, energetic

· Birch seeds, from the property of general stimulating tonic

· Eleutherococcus, with tonic-adaptogenic action both mental and physical

· Fenugreek, to give physical energy

 Great for everyone, ideal for the elderly and for those who study.

 How to use: Take 1 vial a day.


COMBINE TO: Sustenia – Magnesio  – Energia.

 Seguire il corso di cura per almeno 3 mesi



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