Propolis Spray Throat Strong Balsamic – throat protection

Propolis spray with balsamic essential oils
For a quick sense of well-being in the throat and voice.


Propolis Spray Balsamic is a supplement of Propolis, Licorice, Mountain pine and Eucalyptus.   

 The essential oil of mountain pine can be useful for the well-being of the throat, while the essential oil of eucalyptus for the tone of the voice.
Contains: Propolis in alcohol Liquorice fresh extract Eucalyptus essential oil Mountain pine essential oil     

Alcohol 45% vol.         

Gluten free (gluten less than 20 ppm).   

High titration in galangin.

How to use: dispense at least 3 times a day for immediate relief of the throat.

Pack of 30 ml.

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