A Natural Help To Favor

The Physiological Functionality of the Prostate!

 Suitable for men after 50 years

Prostapygeum Anti-inflammatory-antiseptic



Prostapygeum is a food based supplement titrated dry extracts of Serenoa, Pygeum africanum and Pumpkin. Serenoa and Pumpkin can be useful for prostate function. Pygeum africanum can be beneficial to prostate problems; It has been found to help improve prostate health by fighting inflammations, urinary tract infections, prostate enlargement and ultimately can help improve sexual performance.

Ingredients: Serenoa: dry extract fruit tit. 25% in total fatty acids Pygeum africanum: bark dry extract tit. 15% Pumpkin: seeds dry extract tit. 20% Micro-ground pollen.

 How to use:

We recommend taking one tablet a day, to be taken after lunch or dinner.

Combine with: Cranberry-Cistop–Fluiren-Virility 5- Depur Vitae.

                Follow the course of care for at least 6 months



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