PSYCHE NOTTE – relaxing


 To Relax, Sleep and  Improve the Quality of Life

Sonno e Riposo

Relax and facilitate night rest



Food supplement Tablets fast

Valerian and lemon balm are useful for achieving a state of relaxation

It is a food supplement based on the exclusive VM fast Night ™ complex. VM fast Night ™ consists of the plant extracts of Valeriana and Melissa, in the particular form of very fine granules.

The particular shape of the granulate that characterizes the extracts of Valeriana and Melissa ensures better water solubility compared to traditional extracts. The best water solubility combined with the exclusive Psyche Notte formulation guarantees:

· A rapid release of the components

· The rapid-release form allows accelerated absorption of Valerian and Melissa


How to use: 2-3 tablets at least an hour before going to sleep.

Vegetable extract drops without alcohol and without gluten

Drops based on plant extracts of Escolzia, Passiflora and Hawthorn favor relaxation in case of stress and nighttime rest. They are with essential oil of Italian Sweet Orange. They do not contain alcohol, dyes, maltodextrin and glutene / less than 20 ppm /.

How to use:

Adults: 50/100 in a little water the night before going to bed

Children over 3 years: 25 drops in a little water in the evening.

Do not exceed the indicated daily dose!



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