Food supplement made from psyllium, please physiological bowel regularity.

Pack of 20 sachets of 4.3 g each one

Net weight 86g



PSYLLIUMSEL is a food supplement made from psyllium cuticle powder, which can be useful for promoting the physiological regularity of bowel movements.

It promotes physiological bowel regularity, forming a soft stool weight, voluminous that stimulates peristalsis. Why its normalizing effect on intestinal transit and stool consistency, is useful in cases of colitis, irritable bowel syndrome and diverticulitis.
prebiotic properties, thanks to its ability to support the growth of acidophilus bacteria, is therefore useful to strengthen the immune system.
It helps to foster a sense of satiety. Combined with a healthy and adequate physical activity life, it is useful as an adjunct of diets aimed at controlling / reducing body weight.
Modulates the absorption of sugars and fats thanks to the gelling ability and the viscosity; the result is a normalizing effect on blood glucose and LDL cholesterol.

How to use: 1 to 3-4 sachets a day before or between meals and any medicines. It should take preferably in the morning with yogurt, fruit juices, fruit juices or homogenized.

For best results combine with: FERMENTFLOR – ERBOFLORA RIGENERA – GOMET – ENZYM


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