Repair Hands Cream – reparation


Repair Hands Cream

Protective Repairing



Quick absorption light cream, suitable for very chapped hands, with ragadi. It makes the hands velvety and soft.

Bisabolol: of natural origin with a soothing action against irritation and redness

Cocoa butter: has emollient and eudermic properties, nourishes and softens dry skin;

Unsaponifiable olive oil: performs protective and sebum restitutiva, in addition toimportant actions at the level of skin tropism stimulating the reparative processes of epidermis and dermis.

Panthenol: has moisturizing, emollient and soothing properties, ideal for dry or irritated skin red grape extract: rich in precious polyphenols and vitamins with antioxidant properties and protective jar inable to counteract the capillary fragility and improve the microcirculation.

Achillea extract: has anti-reddening, antiseptic and repairing properties in case of chapped and irritated skin.

Allantoin: has a soothing and re-epithelializing action, stimulates the renewal of the tissues, promotes the scarring and mitigates redness and irritation

Betaine: effective moisturizing and repairing ingredient, it acts on skin hydration and protection Of the membranes.

How to use: Apply a small amount of product and spread it evenly over the hands several times a day.


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