SALI’– refreshing and softening


Bath salts for tired feet.



Refreshing Salts with Mint and Thyme

These fine salts have refreshing properties and give relief to tired and stressed feet. Facilitating the removal of callosity and soften the harder skin. The addition of the extract of Thyme and Mint further intensifies the relaxation of the foot bath.

COMPOSITION:  Menthol, Thyme oil, Mint oil piperita, thyme extract.

Menthol: once in contact with the skin releases a strong sensation of freshness.

Mint and Thyme: have antiseptic properties and air-fresheners, stimulate the sensory receptors by donating a pleasant feeling of relaxation.

HOW TO USE: pour a few tablespoons of salts into 2/3 liters of hot water. We recommend a foot bath for a time of not less than 10/15 minutes.



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