To increase natural immune defenses

Natural support of the body’s Defenses Activator of the immune system for bone health.



Shiitake: Contains ALL essential amino acids, B and D vitamins and an acid particularly important fat: Linoleic acid. It carries out an important action of strengthening the immune system. This small fungus is rich in antiviral, antibacterial and antifungal properties,Effectively reduces inflammatory situations within the body. It is also rich in chemical components thatprotect our DNA from oxidative damage. The lentinan (a polysaccharide) for example heals the damage to the chromosomes caused by the treatments anti-tumors. Erythenadine instead (a unique amino acid) is believed to have a cholesterol-lowering effect and therefore supports cardiovascular health. It helps with weight loss and muscle development, Benefits bone growth, improves digestion and reduces food allergies and in tolerances.

Echinacea: stimulates the immune system, this plant is also active in comparison of bacteria and viruses. Anti-inflammatory, echinacea also has a positive effect on mucous membranes which helps to burn, it can therefore be used successfully both in the case of coughs, and bronchitis and in all the problems affecting the respiratory tract but also for urinary inflammation (cystitis type). Healing, the active ingredients present in this plant give it the ability to regenerate tissues and this makes echinacea a useful plant to heal wounds faster.

Vitamin K2: (menachione) is a vitamin that is part of the vitamin K family, together with vitamin K1 vitamin K2 is absorbed in the colon and is generated by the synthesis of intestinal flora. It is a fat-soluble vitamin that guarantees the correct functionality of some proteins that they form and keep our bones strong.

Zinc: it is an essential metal for our body as it is a constituent element of over two hundred enzymes and many other proteins. In particular it is essential for the functioning of enzymes that regulate cellular respiration, of those that have an antioxidant action and some proteins. Zinc for its properties is a fundamental element for a balanced body growth and for the control of the metabolism and therefore of the weight.

Selenium: a natural antioxidant that has a protective action against free radicals, protecting the body from aging and preserving tissue elasticity. All diseases related to aging are influenced by the action of selenium, whose intake therefore it is of great importance.

Vitamin D3: it is essential for strengthening bones and also promoting mineralization and growth. It also helps the absorption of phosphorus and calcium in the intestine in addition to the reabsorption of calcium in the kidneys. Furthermore, vitamin D3 hinders the appearance of autoimmune disorders (including rheumatoid arthritis, Lupus and type 1 diabetes) and the system nervous, also helping to combat the symptoms of depression.

Mode of use: 2 pills in the day

Follow the course of care for at least 3 months

Match for energy: Sustenia –Rim


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