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adaptogen  antistress.

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 It improves psychophysical resistance by increasing the natural abilities of adaptation of the organism against external aggressions of physical, chemical and biological origin. It does not contain caffeine or derivatives. It gives support, facilitating the recovery and recovery of energies in a natural way. After an illness, convalescing, during and after a period  hard. Excellent also for students.

Characterizing ingredients:

Ashwaganda: Withania acts on multiple districts of the organism and in particular is very active on the nervous system, on the muscular, respiratory and reproductive apparatus. Calming of the mind, especially in presence of anxious states.

Eleutherococco: in the case of states of psychophysical stress, both as  tonic for the body that for the immune system. property physiological anti-stress, anti-fatigue, antidepressant, stimulating the immune system and the nervous system.

Schissandra: improves performance and reflexes,  improves concentration and attention, restores the body after a serious prolonged effort, in convalescence from diseases.

Rhodiola: as well as adaptogen also has cardioprotective effect, in the presence of tachycardia and palpitations due to anxiety, nervousness and it allows to increase the resistance to the effort and to reduce the life of the recovery times, after intense exercise; improves the quality of sleep and it is extremely effective for fighting insomnia.

How to use: 2-4 capsules a day




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